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LIESAP/Counterpart International, Inc.
Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR)

Evaluation of Social Assistance to Population through the Nominative Targeted Compensations Program
(January 2003)

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1. Transition and Problems of Social Assistance for the Population

    1.1.Social Assistance Scheme in Moldova – Key Features and Financing

    1.2.Payment for Public Utilities as a Heavy Burden for the Population

2. New Approaches to Reforming the Social Assistance System

    2.1.Initial Attempts of the Government to Solve the Problem (1997-1999)

    2.2.Transition from the System of General Benefits to Targeted Social Programmes (2000)

3. Arguments for Improvement of the NTC System: Transition from Category-Based System to the Needs-Based System

    3.1.Critical Evaluation of the Existing Setting and Payment of Nominative Targeted Compensations (NTC)

    3.2.Comparison of Disposable Incomes of NTC Beneficiaries with the Overall Country’s Population Based on National Households Budgets Surveys

    3.3.Necessity to Rationalize the Social Assistance System in the Context of Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 

Conclusions and Policy Implications


Appendix: Findings of the Nominative Targeted Compensations Survey (Oct. 2002)