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LIESAP/Counterpart International, Inc.
Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR)

Nominative Targeted Compensations
(December 2002)

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1. Definitions

2. Methodology and Organization of Survey

2.1. Nominative Compensations as a Part of the Reformed Social Assistance System 

2.2. Sample Design and Implementation 

а ) Sample Design

b) Organization of Survey

3. Survey Results: Nominative targeted Compensations

3.1. Assignment and Application of Nominative Compensations

3.1.1. Breakdown of NTC beneficiaries by Types of Communal Services

3.1.2. Breakdown of nominative compensations in relation to the size of a sum of money

3.2. Satisfaction with a procedure of recipients categories determination and payments of


3.2.1. Frequency of obtaining nominative compensations

3.2.2. Satisfaction with the existing procedure of categories qualification for nominative


3.2.3. Relations between recipients of nominative compensations, territorial agencies of the

National Social Insurance House and the Savings Bank

3.3. A recipient of nominative compensations in the system of family relations 

3.4. Living conditions of recipients of targeted compensations 

3.4.1. Recipient of nominative compensations: tenant or homeowner? 

3.4.2. Quality of housing of recipients of nominative compensations

3.5. Sources of income of recipients of nominative compensations

3.5.1. Distribution of income depending on its priority for recipients of nominative


3.5.2. In-kind income

3.5.3. Availability of Cattle and Poultry for Recipients of Nominative Compensations

3.5.4. Other Sources of Income: Aid of Relatives and Social Organizations

3.6. Territorial Aspect of Acting System of Nominative Compensations

3.7. Proposals of local administration and recipients of nominative compensations 

4. Conclusions and policy implications