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OPINION POLL: Unemployment in Moldova
October 2001

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1. Methodology, procedures of the Study

2. Employed, unoccupied and unemployed
2.1. Definitions
2.2. Unemployment: typology and extent
2.2.1. Hidden unemployment
2.2.2. Revealed unemployment
a) Method of dismissal
b) Causes of job termination
c) Methods of search for a job
d) Legal status of enterprises and unemployment
e) Profession and unemployment
f) Work tenure and unemployment
g) Work tenure at the last place of work
h) Motivation of professional orientation of the unemployed while
choosing a profession
i) Duration of unemployment

3. Social parameters of unemployment
3.1. Gender and age
3.2. Ethnical origin
3.3. Education
3.4. Marital status
a) Civil status
b) Children
3.5. Regional peculiarities of unemployment

4. Orientation of the unemployed in the future
4.1. Attitude towards unemployment
4.2. Welfare situation of unemployed
4.3. Professional preferences of the unemployed
4.4. Migration abroad
4.5. The unemployed and Centers of employment

Conclusions and policy implications

Annex: Questionnaire