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Moldova's and Transnistria's Economies:
from Conflict to Prospects of Peaceful Development

Foreign Trade: Source of Growth and Contradictions

The Study has been undertaken by the non-governmental organization Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR) within "The Peace Building Framework Project" in the Republic of Moldova. The project is financed by the Global Conflict Prevention Pool for Russia and the CIS countries (GCPP) of the Government of Great Britain.

The generalizations stated in this research belong only to the Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR) and do not reflect positions of any organizations or administrative structures.


   Foreign trade: evolution and structure
       Relations with the CIS: evolution and structure
       Trade with EU countries
       Exchange of goods between Transnistria and Moldova
   Production infrastructure: basis of the economy
       Import and transit of natural gas
       Electric energy export, import and transit
       Transport infrastructure
       Information and communication structure
    New developments in the movement of goods in Transnistria: normalization of customs regime
    Intellectual property

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