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ECONOMIC SURVEY Moldova in Transition No. 4 (December 1999)


Note: the whole Survey is available for download in pdf format.
Since in one file it would be too huge for download, it was divided
into several files. Click on the links below to save them.

Download PART 1:


1. Transition: A Long Way To Well-Being      

2. Macroeconomic Trends: Deferred Stabilization       

Download PART 2:

3. Monetization Of The Moldovan Economy         

4. Weak Budget Policy?  

Download PART 3:

5. Property Reform: Hopes And Disappointments          

6. Real Sector Development: Tactics Without A Strategy       

7. Business Climate: From An Investor’s Prospective     

8. Social Costs Of Reforms     

9. Labor Developments In Moldova: Adjustment Through Prices Or Through Quantities?  

Download PART 4:    

10. Impediments To Territorial-Administrative Reform  

Download PART 5:

11. Fighting Corruption To Improve Governance     

12. Political Stresses Of The Year 1999

13. Economic Crisis Or Crisis Of Governance?