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ECONOMIC SURVEY Moldova in Transition No. 3 (April 1999)


Note: the whole Survey is available for download in pdf format.
Since in one file it would be too huge for download, it was divided
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1. Lessons of 1998. The third attempt at stabilization

2. Macroeconomic scenarios for 1999-2002

2.1. General description
2.2. Base - positive scenario
2.3. Inertial - pessimistic scenario

3. Macroeconomic modeling

3.1. Flow of Funds model
3.2. Modeling the budget revenues
3.3. Small open economy: concise macroeconomic model

4. Annexes

4.1. Macroeconomic scenarios for 1999-2002 (tables and charts)
4.2. Flow of Funds model (tables)
4.3. Corruption phenomenon: increasing threat for the economy
4.4. Change in Euromoney country risk rating of Moldova: September '98 - March '99