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ECONOMIC SURVEY Moldova in Transition No.2


Note: the whole Survey is available for download in pdf format.
Since in one file it would be too huge for download, it was divided
into several files. Click on the links below to save them.


1. Seven years - the first round of reforms

2. National currency: successful story?

3. Fiscal policy: missed chances

4. Real sector: official and underground economy

5. Agrarian reform: years of aspiration

6. Social dimensions of the economic reforms

7. Pension system reform - first difficult steps

8. Economic reforms and conflict situations

9. Public opinion: hopes and realities of the reforms

10. Interference: political background of reforms

11. External impacts: the Russian financial crisis and the Moldovan economy

12. Our neighbors: recent developments in the Romanian economy

ANNEX. Republic of Moldova and other 24 countries in transition, main social and economic indicators