Towards a Culture of Peace

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Mihai Eminescu. With Life's Tomorrow Time You Grasp
Executive Summary

Chapter 1
New Beginning for the New Millennium:
Contributing to the Culture of Peace
1.1 United Nations for the Culture of Peace: Evolution of a Concept
1.2 Promoting the Culture of Peace

Chapter 2
Relevance of the Culture of Peace for the Republic of Moldova
2.1 The Culture of Peace - a Top Priority for Moldova
2.2. Political Transformations
2.3 Ethno-Political Tensions and Post-Conflict Peace Building
2.4 Creating Constructive Inter-Ethnic Relations

Chapter 3
Cultural Traditions - The Heritage of the Country
3.1 Preserving Cultural Traditions and Searching for the Novel
3.2 Religious Practice: Mutual Understanding, Tolerance

Chapter 4
The Role of the State and Human Rights
4.1 The role of Legislation in Promoting the Culture of Peace
4.2 Protecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
4.3 The Rights of Women.

Chapter 5
Socio-Economic Problems and Policies
5.1 Contradictions of the Transition Economy
5.2 The Urban-Rural Divide
5.3 Crime as a Reflection of Social Tensions

Chapter 6
Education and the Nation's Health
6.1 Through Education Towards the Culture of Peace
6.2 The Nation's Health - a Pledge for its Future

Chapter 7
Building Civil Society
7.1 NGO Activity and the Citizen's Voluntary Responsibility
7.2 Mass Media and the Free Flow of Information

Chapter 8
External Challenges and Prospects for the Culture of Peace
8.1 Moldova on its Way to European Integration
8.2 Peace and Security: The Role of International Organizations

Chapter 9
National Human Development Report
As a Tool for Policy Dialogue


Annexes: The Human Development Index and its Basic Components

A. Technical Note on the Statistical Measurement of Human Development in the
Republic of Moldova
B. Some Aspects of Human Development Vis-a-Vis Main Human Development
C. Selected Definitions of Some Human Development Indicators
D. Selected Indicators Related to Human Development