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Republic of Moldova: Socio-Economic Situation and Labour Market 

Chisinau, September 2000

The present Report is prepared within the TACIS Project “Development of an Integrated Information
System for the Monitoring of the Moldovan Labour Market Towards Effective Combating of
The Report was prepared by Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms and cooperating experts as an
introduction to the investigation of Moldova’s labour market and improvement of consecutive
informational system.


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1. Realities of Transition. Macroeconomic Indicators and Problems

2. Demographic trends

3. Labour Market Analysis

4. Correlation of macro-economic and demographic trends with the labor market

5. Social protection issues and social policies

6. Legal Framework of the Labour Market

7. Existing system of monitoring of the labour market. Need for its development

Annex. Informational System of the Department of Employment
(Ministry of Labour). Equipment distrubution.