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Assessment of the Negative Impact of the 2000 Drought 
in the Republic of Moldova (July 2000)

by the Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR) & 
the Center for Private Business Reform (CPBR)
East-West Management Institute, Inc. (EWMI)


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Introduction and Summary

1 . Moldovan agriculture: natural risk factors

2. The natural conditions for agricultural sector in the first half of 2000

3. Official assessment of the situation in agriculture as on the end of June 2000

4. Fieldwork: evaluation of the economic impact of the drought

5. Assessment of the social impact of the drought

6. Possible short-term actions to reduce the drought negative impacts

Annexes: Statistical measurement, analytical and forecast tables

I. Natural peculiarities
II. Main indicators of agricultural sector
III. Assessment made by surveyed agricultural enterprises