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LIESAP/Counterpart International, Inc.
Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR), June 2003

Results of Testing the Unified Application Form "Demand for Social Assistance" and Exclusion Error of the Nominative Targeted Compensations Program

(Findings of the Targeted Survey of the Cucuruzeni Commune, Orhei District)

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1. Logics of Transformation of Moldova’s Social Assistance System: Mass Privileges – NTC to Certain Categories – Social Assistance Based on Needs     

2. Object for Testing the Unified Application Form: Population of the Cucuruzeni Rural Community, Orhei District        

3. Socio-demographic Structure of the Community       

3.1. Composition of Households          

3.2. Economic Activity 

3.3. Vulnerable Categories of the Community Population          

4. Dwelling of the Population and Property       

4.1. Property and Dwelling Type          

4.2. Availability of Dwelling for Population       

4.3. Dwelling Quality   

4.4. Household Appliances      

5.  Sources and Amount of Cash Income of the Community Households           

5.1. Amount of Cash Income   

5.2. Salary, Pension and Social Benefits

5.3. Income from Land Ownership       

6. Expenditures of Households 

6.1. Structure and Amount of Expenditures. Main Groups of Expenditures        

6.2. Average Monthly Expenditures of Households during the Year      

7. Evaluation of the NTC Exclusion Error         

7.1. Monetary Incomes of the NTC Beneficiaries         

7.2. Distribution of Total Cash Income of the NTC Beneficiaries           

7.3. Preliminary Conclusions    

Conclusions. Proposals on UAF improvement  

Annex A: Unified Application Form (official)    

Annex B: Unified Application Form  (proposed)