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Introductory note

1. The face of corruption in Moldova

1.1 Notion of corruption on the national scene
1.2 Causes of corruption
1.3 The place of Moldova in international rankings
1.4 Consequences of corruption

2. Corruption as seen by businessmen and households

2.1 Purpose and development of the questionnaire
2.2 Structure of the questionnaire
2.3 Summary results for general questions

2.3.1 Characteristic of respondents
2.3.2 Personal welfare of the respondent
2.3.3 Public perception of corruption
2.3.4 General understanding of the meaning of corruption
2.3.5 Main forms of ifinformal relationsli
2.3.6 Identification of the most corrupt sectors
2.3.7 Public tolerance of and a propensity toward corruption

2.4 Summary of the results of questions for businessmen
2.4.1 The quality of business environment
2.4.2 The ihdemandln side of bribing in tax and customs services
2.4.3 The ihsupplyln side of bribing in tax and customs services
2.4.4 Evidence of corrupt behavior in state agencies
2.4.5 Causes of corruption in tax and customs sectors
2.4.6 Measures to combat corruption in tax and customs sectors
2.4.7 Conclusions for the questionnaire for businessmen

2.5 Summary results for questions for households
2.5.1 The extent of corruption in the educational sector
2.5.2 The extent of corruption in the health sector
2.5.3 Expectations with regards to the possibility to fight corruption
2.5.4 Conclusions for the questions for the households

2.6 Corruption and poverty
2.7 Gender and corruption

3. Proposals to fight corruption

3.1 National attempts to fight corruption
3.2 Judiciary and legal reform
3.3 Public sector reform
3.4 Amelioration of state control procedures
3.5 Transparency in political life
3.6 Creation of a viable private sector
3.7 Research of corruption
3.8 Relations with civil society
3.9 Collaboration with other institutions
3.10 The role of international organizations



1. Methodology of the sample selection
2. Questionnaire for businessmen
3. Questionnaire for households
4. Tables with the main results of the opinion poll for businessmen
5. Tables with the main results of the opinion poll for households