index.1.jpg (3032 bytes)                                                                                                                          Preliminary draft
                                                                                                                                         (15 Dec. 2005)

National Research and Project Institute “Urbanproiect”
Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR)

Strategic Plan of Socio-Economic Development of Chisinau till 2020
(main issues)

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1. Chisinau at the starting point of XXI century
1.1. Competitive advantages and problems of sustainable development of the city
1.2. Chisinau’s mission within the system of local, regional and all-European relations

2. The goal of the strategic plan, principles and priorities of the city development
2.1. The main goal of the strategic plan. The “City” concept – development of the city as an integral habitat and business activity
2.2. Priority directions of improving Chisinau’s competitiveness and forming new quality of city environment

3. Scenarios of development and forecast of main socio-economic indicators

4. Strategic goals of improving quality of the city environment and developing main socio-economic
complexes of the city
4.1. Improving the quality of city environment
4.1.1. Spatial and planning development of the city
       4.1.2. Architectural environment: preservation and development
       4.1.3. The housing policy strategy
       4.1.4. Transport and road network
       4.1.5. The city’s ecology
4.2. Improving welfare of the city’s inhabitants
4.2.1. Population, labor resources and employment
       4.2.2. Social assistance
       4.2.3. Healthcare
       4.2.4. Science and education
       4.2.5. Development of the city as a cultural center
       4.2.6. Ensuring secure living in the city
4.3. Structural modernization of the city’s economy
4.3.1. Shift towards innovation development
       4.3.2. Reconstruction of the industry
       4.3.3. Small business oriented at the city needs
       4.3.4. Development of tourist infrastructure of the city
4.4. Integration of Chisinau into information-oriented socity
4.5. Improving administration of the city’s sustainable development

5. Mechanisms of implementation of the Strategic Plan of socio-economic development of Chisinau till 2020. Monitoring

A. Decisions of the Municipal Council coordinating works on strategic planning of Chisinau’s sustainable development till 2020
B. Demographic forecast regarding Chisinau till 2020
C. Methodological recommendations for elaboration of the Strategic Plan of socio-economic development of Chisinau till 2020


The draft Strategic Plan of socio-economic development of Chisinau till 2020 (main issues) was elaborated during October-December 2005 by the task group of specialists from the National Agency for Regional Development, National Research and Project Institute “Urbanproiect”, Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms, Project Institute “Chisinauproiect”, Habitat Moldova Center, Institute of Economy of ASM, Business Consulting Institute, European Institute, Technical University of Moldova with consultations of specialists from the city Mayor’s Office, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Informational Development.

While assessing the initial state and problems of city development, there were taken into account the results of previous stages of work on the general plan of Chisinau’s development – analytical (Studiu diagnostic, 2003) and on its concept (Concepþia planului urbanistic general, 2004) undertaken within framework of the UNDP MOL 01/004 project “Moldova fermecãtoare” and approved through the decision of the Municipal Council of Chisinau as of April 6, 2004. During the elaboration process of the draft plan, its ideas, conclusions and proposals became object of a series of discussions, roundtables and opinion polls, as well as publications in mass media and TV/radio broadcasts.

The uniform approach of research and project organizations engaged in the plan preparation in collaboration with the Chisinau Mayor’s Office was ensured through “Methodological recommendations for elaboration of the Strategic Plan” worked out considering experience of similar works in Central European and CIS cities (Riga, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov-upon-Don and Novosibirsk). For all these cities, understanding of the city strategy as a scientifically grounded system of assessment of key problems, goals and priorities of future development of the city based on its resource potential and coordination of interests of authorities, business community and population, is generally accepted. The task is being practically set to use the strategic plan as a platform for such a tripartite partnership, common understanding and uniform position as regards the main issue – what the city has to be and what actions has to be consequently undertaken for its sustainable socio-economic development.

The authors of the initial variant of the strategy are as follows:
   • Initial positions, potential and problems of the city: A. Gudim, G. Ivaschenko, M. Roscovan
   • Goals and priorities of socio-economic development of the city: V. Doros, A. Gudim, Iu. Povar, M. Roscovan
   • Development scenarios and the forecast of main indicators: G. Selari, Iu. Torkunov, N. Chesnokova
   • Improving quality of the city environment: Iu. Povar, V. Bogachev, V. Gaidas, V. Kirillov, F. Panzaru,
     S. Loboda, F.    Munteanu
   • Improving welfare of the city population: A. Rojco, A. Gudim
   • Structural modernization of the city economy: R. Alexeev, E. Didur, A. Klevtsov, E. Roscovan
   • Improving administration of sustainable city development: V. Doros, N. Cristea
   • Mechanisms of implementation of the Strategic Plan: G. Selari, V. Doros.

While adjusting the initial variant of the Strategic Plan of socio-economic development of Chisinau, ideas, proposals and expert conclusions of members of the Municipal Council’s permanent committees and specialists from the Mayor’s Office will be considered.
The initial variant of the Strategy is available at the Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms’ website: