index.1.jpg (3032 bytes) UNDP Project “Mesmerizing Moldova” and Centre for Strategic Studies and Reforms

CONCEPT of Sustainable Urban Development of the Republic of Moldova

(Chisinau, December 2004)

The draft Concept was elaborated by the working group of the Centre for Strategic Studies and Reforms (CISR) consisting of Agarcova Liliana, Gudim Anatol, Roscovan Mihai, Sobcovschi Tatyana, Selari Galina and Herzen Andrei (cartography).  Consultant: Iurii Povar (Urban-Project)

Note: the Concept is available for download. Click here.


1.Introduction: Challenges of the Transition

2. Current Status. Major Problem Areas

3. Objectives

4. Sustainable Urban Management

    4.1. Key Directions and Instruments
    4.2. Growth Pole Concept as Key Element of the Urban Development Strategy    
    4.3. Chisinau Municipality as a Dominant of the Country’s Urban System
    4.4. Small and Medium Towns Development Policies
    4.5. Urban Democracy, Public Information and Participation
    4.6. Restrictions and Barriers

5. Policy Measures


Annex A. Legal, Institutional and Financial Conditions of Urban Development in the Republic of Moldova
Annex B. Advantages of the Towns – Potential Growth Pole on the Territory of the Republic of Moldova
Annex C. The EU Initiatives for Sustainable Urban Development
Annex D. Maps