index.1.jpg (3032 bytes) Note 11 – September 2004

Quality of Growth – Changing Priorities (presentation)

Ministry of Economy/TACIS
Seminar “EG-PRSP and Donor Coordination”, September 28-29, 2004

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Slide1. Intro
Slide2. Moldova: Human Development Index Trends
Slide3. GDP Growth in Moldova
Slide4. Experience of Aid Coordination
Slide5. Structure of Moldova’s GDP
Slide6. Remittances
Slide7. GDP and Disposable Income
Slide8. PRSP Framework Principles
Slide9. EG-PRSP Priorities
Slide10. Middle-Term Actions
Slide11. Long-Term Changes
Slide12. GDP per capita, 2003 vs 1991
Slide13. Education: High School Enrollment, Western CIS and Caucasus
Slide14. Growth Reduces Poverty
Slide15. Channeling Growth to Ease Poverty
Slide16. Priority Areas for Donors’ Cooperation

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