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Year 2004 - Economy: Analytical Notes                                                                                                                                                              

Note #1 January  Moldova as a Neighbor of an Expanding EU: Economic Challenges

Note #2 February  A View from Outside: Structural Impediments to Growth Run Risks of Strangulating Moldova's Recovery

Note #3 March  Wheat Crisis Monitoring: 2004 Q1

Note #4 April  1000 and 100 days of the Government of V. Tarlev

Note #5 May  Case of Moldova: Mass Labor Migration as a Consequence of Inefficient Reforms

Note #6 June  Employment is the Key Issue

Note #7 July  A Look from the Outside: Moldova and Ukraine - Bilateral Relations

Note #8 July  Echo of the Bread Crisis

Note #9 July  Moldova - Transnistria: Rules for Business

Note #10 August  Economic Growth Does Not Connote Higher Human Development

Note #11 September  Quality of Growth Changing Priorities

Note #12 October  New Inequality

Note #13 November  Privatization in Transnistria: Risks and Profit

Note #14 December  The New Neighborhood: Moldova European Union